munchkin alert!

madeline: crazy, wild and cute. 

sarah: nosiest little 3 year old you’ll ever meet. cries at the drop of a hat. creative little artist.

mason: just started smiling at me this week.

yum salmon burgers. i can’t get enough of you. thanks kathleen ha 🙂

mags is growing, a lot.

those are a few of my adored little munchkins. i love them. granted they drive me crazy some days, but i do adore them. they grow so quickly and their minds are like sponges. smart and creative they are. i can’t wait to have my own one day but until then i just hug and kiss on these little ones. 

tomorrow is friday and scott and i are off of work. the beach is on the agenda along with cleaning and continuing to pack up our abode. weird. 

no finds at goodwill today. better luck next time. but tomorrow you’ll see some before’s of our two newest finds. i know the anticipation is just killing you. 



4 thoughts on “

  1. The anticipation IS killing me. The thought of a salmon burger actually makes me want to hurl, but glad you enjoy them! And whales are a knock off of goldfish… cheaper. Don’t judge, I’m not pooing money. Oh AND I want Maggie.

  2. no judging here, just curious. im all for saving the dimes here.ok mrs. picky eater, salmon is delish so don’t hurl at my food!you can’t have maggie haha, sorry 🙂 we love her too going to take pics of the before’s today!!

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