this weekend was lovely. we had a blast being with friends in asheville. we ate, we drank, we rafted, we watched movies, and rocked some guitar hero. we walked around asheville and explored some used bookstores and vintage shops. it was everything i needed in a weekend and more, plus our friends allie and skyler got engaged! see photo below 🙂

aren’t they adorable?

drinks and cards.

ajemily celebrated 1 year of marriage! hoorah!

finished these off.

we made salmon burgers in honor of the insalacos since they couldn’t make it.

i finished my first roll of holga film and i can’t wait to see how they turn out. we are still without internet so this will have to do for a while, but you should check out the link above cause her blog is pretty adorable!

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  1. last weekend was so fun 🙂 i’m so thankful that i got to spend time with you! the pictures are absolutely beautiful katie! miss and love you!

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