have i mentioned lately that i love air conditioning? well i do. scott and i have been without a.c. for the last 3 days. it has brought our relationship to a new level. not a good one, i might add. it was probably the hardest lapse of time i’ve experienced in quite some time. it sounds snooty but its true. i have gone weeks without air conditioning actually so don’t assume i can’t take it. this was still, humid and thick air. there was no escape. it was so hot. i took 3 showers the second day just to stand in the cold water. today i was helping Scott hang our dining room chandelier and 4 o’clock came around. no ac man yet. scott told me we’d call him if he hadn’t shown up at 4 so I called him and he said he wouldn’t be here until 6 or 7. that was it. i broke down. i started crying and acting a little dramatic but in the moment it was legit emotions. i was darn angry. i wanted to come through the phone and make up some insane lie so that the man would feel so much sympathy he’d come to our house immediately and fix our ac. but no, not for 3 1/2 more hours. it was terrible, friends. i hope none of you experience this and if you do you have my permission to cry. 
tomorrow i will post pictures of my whole house, befores and afters (even though i forgot to take some befores, oops. i’ll do a good job of explaining what they used to look like) my house is clean and most everything is in order! blog worthy i suppose. 
life is back to normal, ac is blowing full blast at a chilly 73 degrees and i’m lovin it. have a lovely evening.

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