so now our toilets have decided to rebel against us. we have a dozen or so people over last night for a little get together and what should happen a couple hours before our guests would arrive? oh yes, water leaking out of both toilets and human waste excreting through the drains of our guest shower. SICK.
i gagged several times but couldn’t stay in the bathroom long enough to clean up the mess. both scott and i were running around grabbing as many towels as possible to stop the leakage. it was so aggravating. so anyone who had to use the bathroom while they were here had to drive to Chili’s down the road. the plumber is actually on his way here now, but i’m hoping this will be the last time he has to come. i’m sure you all wanted to read about our toilet revolting, but it’s the most exciting thing going on at the moment, so there you go. 


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