this week was full of relaxation and water.

i am tan(ner) and i like it.
we swam.
we ate.
we read ( a lot.)
we slept in, ahh.
we ate in, we ate out.
drank cafe.
played cards (gambled no less)
i sported my new swimsuit and floppy hat (thanks kathleen for the find)
we enjoyed fresh mountain air.
we fished, with poles and bait.
we drank up the scenery (mountains…trees.)
our trip was fab-u-lous.

next on the agenda:

san francisco to be exact.
we will take a trolly to somewhere.
we will visit fisherman’s wharf.
we will cross over the golden gate bridge
and look at alacatraz from afar.
we’ll shop and eat some yum food.
we’ll drive down Lombard street.
we’ll do tons of fun things, and i can’t wait!

but that’s not all
after we leave California
we go to:

we’re going to staff conference.
we’ll hike and we’ll bike.
shop some flea markets and garage sale.
we’ll learn about jesus.
reunite with friends.

starting in nine days our travels begin.
stay tuned.
should be fun.


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