a fellow blogger friend told me that my blogs are more fun when i have photos and i agree! being away from home tends to make me lazy in the uploading/editing world…but alas i have edited a few shots of different things from our trips thus far so enjoy!

our day at lake tahoe was perfect. we went kayaking, played volleyball, laid in the sun and just relaxed. much needed after walking endless miles in san fransisco.

we made a stop in napa valley on our way to reno from san fran. it was absolutely beautiful. the miles and miles of vineyards were picturesque and i want to go back and spend more time there exploring the different wineries. 

some roses we saw at a winery we stopped at.

this was on the ferry to sausalito. we took a little half day trip over from san fran and it was a small cute town with little shops and a perfect view of the city and the golden gate bridge.

we had a really great time exploring the city and then spending time in reno with our friends. now we are relaxing in ft. collins, colorado and hearing from leadership of Crusade and just enjoying reconnecting with friends. 
we’re definitely looking forward to being back in tallahassee and letting life resume as normal plus the insalaco’s are returning so soon! woohoo!

ok, it’s midnight and i must sleep. farewell friends.


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