the year that begins in the middle.

we are beginning the fall semester at fsu now and it’s exciting and scary all
at the same time. students are here and we have begun to plan the first week
of activities for freshman that are moving into the dorms.
being on staff is different but at the same time i am totally reminded of
my years in college when i helped plan for this very week.
we are expectant and we have such willing students which is a huge blessing.
God wants to use us on the campus to help change lives and that’s really exciting.
most of the time i feel unworthy and ill-equipped for this job, but then i’m gently
reminded that God uses broken people to bring himself glory. thank goodness.
i love that he loves those that we don’t know how to love, and that he wants an
intimate relationship with every student at FSU and in the world. i’m grateful to
be a small part of what God is doing.

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