good afternoon friends! hope everyone’s monday is going great! today has been so lovely in tallahassee. the cool air is sticking around i couldn’t be more thankful! the heat and humidity is taking on toll on me for sure!

i woke up early this morning and did day 13 of the book! crazy stuff today….so many push ups.
i also tagged on a mile run at the end and took 40 seconds off yesterday’s time. that’s good right?

before i left i had another slice of 12 grain toast with pb. it was yum. then came home and had the yogurt combo again.

for lunch i had a whole wheat pita with chicken and grilled veggies. i also ate an apple and a handful of almonds.

i’ve drank 48 oz of water so far! tomorrow starts kickboxing so that is great news! i love that class and more friends are joining in!


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