This is my dear friend Ashley. We have been friends since the last day of math class freshman year of high school, yes the last day. Oddly enough neither of us spoke to each other an entire year even though we were only a row apart. We were the only normal ones in the class and yet we never exchanged even a hello. We would look awkwardly at whoever came in class second and probably thought to ourselves “oh she looks nice,” but that was it. Until, the last day came. Somehow we ended up sitting next to each other and the rest is history! I even went to her birthday party after knowing her for a whole 2.5 seconds and we conversed about how the kicker on the football team would be “the one.”

High School would not have been the same had not Ashley and I become friends. Our friendship definitely grew over those next few months and she became one of my best friends. If I wasn’t at home, you could assume I was at Ashley’s doing who knows what. Probably watching friends or laying on that god awful love sac. None the less, my greatest memories were with her. My hardest laughs (the ones where pee come out) were with her and some of the more difficult things to process were with her.

If you ask either of us we probably have a hilarious story to tell about something that happened to us when we were together. I’ll tell you one of our favorites:

One night we came home to her empty house and things seemed a little sketchy. How you ask? Well, we walked back into her bedroom and her shower curtain was left open and so was the door that led out to her back patio. I know, you’re thinking no big deal. Well, Ashley was OCD about leaving those things open and would not have done that herself so CLEARLY someone else must have done it. She started to get super nervous and we didn’t really know what to do. We didn’t want to be dumb girls who made a big deal out of nothing but we didn’t want to be ignorant either. So what did we do you ask? We quickly grabbed every sharp knife in the kitchen we could find and SPRINTED toward the garage. On my way I decided to be a gymnast for a moment and use the ottoman as a spring board to get farther, while holding knives no less. You know this ends badly. I flew into the air at least 3-4 feet and the ottoman went to an unknown places, space possibly, and I landed right on my tailbone. Knives in my hands, laughing hysterically, pee coming and no man in sight. Could it be that we made something out of nothing? Possibly, but we don’t know to this day what happened and I assume never will. It gave us a great story to tell though!

So whether it was hiding from burglars, talking on AIM for hours even though we just left from hanging out, having an entire 2-liter of Dr. Thunder explode in my lap in her tiny car, passing notes back and forth in between classes, spending long days on the beach, watching season after season of friends and sometimes just doing nothing, we developed a friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.

My memories of the experiences we have shared bring me laughter and for that I am grateful. She is one of my greatest friends.
Love You Ash.

this picture was taken after prom. i got sucked in to rubbing her feet? probably because i made her come to the prom against her will, but still….

don’t hate me for posting these pictures either!

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  1. I am actually crying right now… whether it's out of laughter or sadness that I NEVER see you anymore, I don't know. Good news for you is that if I did live closer you would be dead for posting those pictures :). Oh boy, I clearly need to go through my pictures and find some of you! I am certain I have some fun ones! We really do have one heck of a friendship. You are awesome. Thanks for posting that. It made my YEAR. Yes, year. I loved it. Thanks stinky! I love you!

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