today marks the beginning of our “christmas break” and it’s exciting that we have
some down time to be together and shop for family and just relax.
i really enjoy blogging (mostly reading) and find so many women who are just so dang crafty.
it inspires me to try new things and not be afraid to just run with an idea.
i really want to use this break to
a. learn how to use a sewing machine (i vaguely know, but need to be taught again)
b. run/ exercise even more than i am now.
c. cook outside of the box
d. spend time with the Lord

i think these next few weeks could be pretty great!

the biggest loser is so stinkin great.
we watched the finale tonight and i gasped, cried, screamed and oh my gosh’ed about 50 times.
it’s incredible the transformations these people go through.

jan 5. season 9!

ps. i think clean sheets may be one of my very favorite things.

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  1. I will have to agree with you about the clean sheets… They are one of my favorite things too. Oh, and I loved the picture of your dog sleeping in your bed. How cute!Have a great Christmas break! How fun to be able to have so much time off.

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