so we all know that it is cold outside.
what do we like to eat when it’s cold?
i made butternut squash soup tonight, enough to feed an army.
some sage, some garlic, and some onions.
puree’d and ready to eat!
have i tried it? not yet 🙂
for dinner, i made goat cheese and basil stuff chicken breast with roasted veggies.
i made the soup for the rest of the week!
a little ina and a little giada.
what could be better?

my sister got me ina’s cookbook for christmas and my parents got me the new clean eating cookbook.
i’ve been reading them almost everyday and have gotten so many new recipes to try.
being by myself in the kitchen, just me and my tongs is therapeutic.
i like the fact that you get a result when you’re done.
i read the instructions, i measure out all the components and i get to create.
school was never my thing and cooking gives me satisfaction.


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  1. i'm right there with you katie :)for christmas, my brother and sister-in-law got me a subscription to a food magazine, i can't wait to get them and try new recipes! hope you guys are well and staying warm!

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