i lied awake last night, partly because there was a big thunderstorm and partly because i couldn’t get Haiti out of my mind. i kept seeing children’s faces from pictures i’ve seen, picturing children in the streets, alone. i didn’t sleep much. also, i have been following a few people who have been living there since September while they built an orphanage about 20 miles away from Port-au-Prince. they experienced the earthquake and the aftermath that followed. his blog is so vivid and real its unbelievable. my heart, actually my whole body aches when i think of the children who have lost their families, the babies who have been abandoned and the chaos and confusion they are experiencing. a small part of me wonders what God is doing in the midst of this horrible thing, but another bigger part of me knows that he cares for those he created. i myself didn’t realize the severity of Haiti. the amount of orphans, the poor conditions, the lack of opportunity. i know many people who invest in going to Haiti several times a year and i wish i had gone. they say Haitians have beautiful spirits and i believe it. it looks like we will get to go this summer and spend time there loving on the people and bringing the hope of the gospel. i am thankful that God is sovereign and in control and that his plans are perfect. his ways are greater than man’s. it’s easier to get frustrated at the government of Haiti or lack thereof but we should spend our time praying for them, praying for hope, and a sense of peace amongst the chaos. God is capable, he is real and he is revealing himself to many. pray for the friends in haiti, they went back yesterday to bring some food and medical supplies. this is their website if you’re interested in checking it out. i recommend it.


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