as im writing this p.diddy is acting a fool on american idol.
how do these people make so much money screaming nonsense into the microphone?
i’m nearly having a seizure from the blinding blinking lights that he is dancing under. if you want to call that dancing.
what’s sad is that he really does think he is the shiz.

on a happier note.
spring has arrived in tallahassee and i couldn’t be happier.
you can pretty much count on consistent warm sunny weather here for this season
which means doors and windows open and lots of time outdoors.

so scott and i ventured to target and bought new furniture for our back deck!
i really love eating outside when the weather is nice.
we didn’t have any furniture out there so we decided to get a whole set!
now we can eat breakfast lunch and dinner out there.
maybe we’ll just move out there.
probably not though.

here is scott putting the table together. i’ll post a picture of the finished product tomorrow.

flowers in the backyard are blooming 🙂

maggie is thrilled about all the aforementioned things.
can’t you tell?

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  1. I'm sad to say I missed Diddy's American Idol appearance. I can appreciate good rap, but Diddy isn't so great. I'm excited for your new patio furniture. I can't wait til you visit me in Virginia – spring is beautiful here, too!

  2. love your patio furniture. i only have plastic ones… is that pretty WT? I suck at commenting… sorry, but I do check your blog 62 times a day, so an update would be FANTASTIC.

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