easter and turning 24.

am i really 24 now? how strange. even saying 24 sounds older.
i’m liking it so far.
my family was here for easter weekend which also included my birthday. it was really fun to have them here and to be able to celebrate with them.
we had a breakfast out on the back porch in the morning, a delicious picnic made by kathleen and then some pizza that night. basically the whole day revolved around eating. i liked it though.
we celebrated easter by going to church and then going out to lunch as a family. they left shortly after and scott and i watched movies and did nothing. it was glorious.
my parents did bring both family dogs though, therefore we hosted 3 dogs all weekend. here they are all loving on scott ever so cutely. notice bella behind scotts head. she’s crazy and quite fast. try catching her when you need to put her in the kennel. nearly impossible and a great workout.
all in all, a great weekend. lots of food, family, friends and fun.
this year should be grrrrreat!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Okay those dogs look drugged! Maggie looks so darn sad with her little bucket on her head. Sad sad sad. Who the heck is Bella and when did she join the family?!? I need a freakin dog.

  2. oh gosh, no bella is not mine. she is my sisters. they are all tired from playing with eachother all day. and yes maggie is in the cone right now and it doesn't get any less sad. its awful, but it must be done.

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