strawberry jam is the jam.

strawberries are cheap cheap cheap, and what better way to use them up to make jam for you and friends.
spread it on some toast, or bathe in it or pour some in your hand and just lick it off.
whatever you prefer, me personally, i prefer some toast.
anyway, it’s SUPER simple to make.

here’s a recipe recap:
2 quarts of strawberries, tops cut off and sliced however you like.
3 c of sugar (or however much or little you prefer)
1 box of pectin (found near jell-o in the store)
3/4 c of water

i used a food processor to give my strawberries the smashed look, but you can use whatever method you want.
add your sugar and let your strawberries just sit for a few.
boil 3/4 c of water and the packet of pectin together and stir constantly.
mix the pectin mixture into the strawberries and stir it up.
pour into individual jars and give them away or keep them all for yourself.
let sit in fridge for about 24 hours to give it time to thicken up before you serve or freeze.

see? pretty simple and i say use different fruits too. strawberries are yummy but so are blueberries and blackberries and raspberries! try them all!

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