kool b.e.a.n.z

tonight scott and i went to kool beanz in midtown for dinner. i love this place for several reasons. the menu constantly changes leaving it full of fresh and fun ingredients that are unique to the restaurant. i also love that they have quaint outdoor seating if you’d like to venture into the heat of summer. their wine menu is displayed on an actual empty wine bottle which is super funky! they bring fresh bread and fluffy butter to the table and their menu is clipped on a clip board.
on the menu tonight we saw anything from coffee rubbed pork tenderloin to green tea salmon. every item is paired with yummy sides too, or you can splurge and get a couple appetizers like homemade hummus, falafel or seared shrimp and grits. tonight scott and i shared the artichoke and roasted red pepper hummus and the brie and pear stuffed chicken which came with rosemary-thyme potatoes and asparagus. it was d-e-l-i-s-h. if you live in tallahassee and haven’t been, GO! if you’re visiting make a stop, you won’t be disappointed.

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