a conversation between the mr. and i…

k: what should i write about in my blog tonight?

s: you should write about nom nom

k: gross, i hate that word.

s: you should wriiiiiiite, “he’s climbin in yo windows, he’s snatchin yo people up”

have you seen that youtube video yet? i think you should go to youtube.com and type in alabama huntsville news and just sit back and watch. you will LAUGH. oh antoine.

and do you know what? my camera cord (the one that loads all my pictures onto my computer) is on strike and hasn’t been working very well for me. it’s like it knows when i need it on and it purposely blinks and then turns off. i pull it out and put it back in, turn camera on and bam! again. same thing. it’s so frustrating! i don’t want to buy another chord….

onto day 2.


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