what is it with girls letting their rear’s hang out of their shorts? or maybe the better question to ask is what is it with the companies making shorts that allow girls rear’s to hang out?


you are in PUBLIC. i didn’t ask for that.

do you know what else is funny? college students turning down frizz pops and surveys.

during the last two days we surveyed 1,000 students and handed out frizz pops too. it’s amazing to see how students react when you ask them a direct question when they aren’t expecting it. let me just tell you, sometimes it’s just downright awkward.

here’s a common interaction between surveyor and student:

me: hey wanna do a quick survey? we’re giving away free ice pops today

student: (cutting eyes quickly) uhh, uhhh, (head shaking back and forth) uhh, nah im good.

me: ok, are you sure it’s a billion degrees outside?

student: ignores me.

HELLO. FREE ICE POPS. you’re an adult, look me in the eye and say no thanks!!

who turns down a free ice pop on a day like today anyway? a crazy person, that’s who!


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