uggh. my heart is so heavy tonight that it literally aches.

my friend from high school lost her mom this morning. her mom. i can’t imagine if i lost my mom today.

then i read this blog and i felt sick to my stomach. it’s hard to read stories like this and not feel something. i’m moved to compassion and my mind starts racing with thoughts of all of the people in the world who are suffering, who are in pain, who’ve lost someone. one of my strengths is empathy and reading things like this can put me over the edge. i physically feel for days what others may just think, which is fine, i just fixate and over analyze and i get sad, really sad. it can be debilitating at times.

did you know that every 5 minutes 25,000 children die from a preventable disease? the number is astronomical. in the time it has taken me to write up to this point, 25,000 children have died. that is so difficult for my mind to wrap around.

that is not my world. my world is plush and comfortable. i have never known what missing a meal looks like. i’ve never been sick and not been able to go to a doctor. i spend my money on things that are so pointless. i need to get this, like really get it and let it change my life. reality is that people are dying from a normal “cough.” i know there is a balance, but jesus acted when the poor, the sick and the dying called his name. i feel comforted knowing he is caring for these babies, but what is my role? what is he asking me to do to care for them?

i think we all should ask ourselves this question. maybe you already are. you’re a step ahead of me that’s for sure.

what are your thoughts on this?


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