gosh, i am not good at blogging. i have this desire to blog, but then i just decide there’s nothing interesting enough to say.

i’ll do a little update here though for you. maybe that’ll be of interest, maybe not. ha! remember i told you scott and i were going to insanity? well, we did and have stuck with it. we are in our second month of death and just when i thought it couldn’t get any harder, sean t. put on his spandex pants and made it even more incredibly hard. really there are days when i don’t think i can do it, but luckily scott is a good (sometimes annoying) motivator and it helps to have someone push me!

staff life is in full swing. we’re staying busy and enjoying it a lot. it’s still hot as heck here and i’m anticipating fall weather each morning and then i walk outside and it’s still hot. that is SAD my friends. sometimes i avoid going outside in the morning and i just pretend it’s cool so that my day starts out better.

i rearranged  our living room and it looks great. it brings more light in from the wall of windows and i got to bring out a new chair! switching stuff around is really fun. it makes you think it’s a whole new room, but really you just changed a few things. it always make me excited when i make changes. try it 🙂


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  1. Oh how I have missed your blog! Thank you for the random thoughts. It makes me feel close to you & Scott.
    I agree on waiting for Fall. The only time it’s cooler is about 6:30 in the morning. Too early! But soon enough I am sure.
    A guy in spandex…now that does not conjure up a pretty sight. Hilarious yes, pretty, no. (Unless of course he has a cut bee-hind!) Yes, I am sure Scott is an annoying motivator, but he has his momma’s genes & if he didn’t work out he’d have a Beyonce butt. (yep-baby got back!)
    okay-hope I made you laugh. 🙂 Have a great day. Post again soon! With pictures!

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