hey there, im back. look at me, all consistent.

here i was telling you earlier that i didn’t have anything interesting to say, and pop! a couple things come to mind…

1. why doesn’t tallahassee have a dunkin donuts? fall is here and do you know what donut they feature for fall? the pumpkin donut! do you know how good those dang things are? let me just tell you, they are so good. eating one is like eating fall. and i love me some fall.

2. also, i grind my teeth in the middle of the night. like really bad. so bad that one time it woke scott up and he thought someone was trying to get into the house. i don’t know why i do it and i have no idea when i am doing it. it doesn’t wake me up, just poor scott. would you like to know his “subtle” method to help me stop? if it wakes him up he reaches over and starts rubbing my jaw in a circular motion. ridiculous right? who does that..? when he first started doing this i’d have vague memories of it but thought it was just a dream. one day i just asked him if he did it and he admitted it! once i told him it woke me up, he quit. but the other night….i woke up and remembered feeling his hand on my face….sure enough.

random thoughts yes. enjoy.


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