the little things.

truly the littlest things get me excited. i saw a facebook status today that said a major cold front is coming to tallahassee the first of october. what better way to welcome the good month of october in with a fresh crisp cold front? i don’t think there is a better way, and i am thrilled that it’s coming! do you know what else i’m thrilled about? i saw on twitter today that J.Lo is going to be one of the new hosts of american idol! what a great reason to start watching the show again. i’m kind of a closet j.lo fan depending on how well you know me. some of you know may know this already. i’m not exactly sure what i love about her…her latino-ness? her killer fierceness in enough? so many things, really. plus i just think she’s beautiful. make fun of me if you will, but i stand by my love for jennifer.

do you love atlanta like i do? excuse the abrupt change of subject. i just figured my slight obsession with the latino goddess had run its course. anyway, if you’ve never been to atlanta (which would be crazy!) it’s a really fun city with tons of stuff to do and luckily scott and i get to visit often. the last time we went we got to explore the piedmont park area and we may have found our new favorite repeat restaurant. actually, i take that back. i KNOW we found a repeat restaurant. i love breakfast as much as i love fall weather and the flying biscuit is an incredible breakfast place! it’s like southern comfort meets foodie. i’d eat there several times a week if it were anywhere near tallahassee. if you visit atlanta, try your very hardest to visit this place, you will not regret it. there are several locations all over the city and you can check out their menu but just be prepared to drool. i got the egg-stravaganza and i still think about that french toast and honey creme anglaise with raspberry sauce. it was that good.

here are some recap pictures from the week:

i found an orange fall-ish leaf and snatched it up for a photo op.

it’s like fall on a stem. i love it.

babyyyyy. she looks depressed here but she’s not.

this is what i like to call, boredom. 😉


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