ok, so we have a mouse in our house. i can’t help that it rhymes so well, it’s just the truth. i discovered him scampering across my kitchen floor early saturday morning in fear for his life, jumping underneath the dishwasher, not to be seen again until sunday evening when he charged at me after scott used the broom to get him out from behind the stove. let me just say that i hate rodents. i think they are nasty. they freak me out and they are unpredictable. one second he’s in the kitchen hiding, the next he is running full speed at me in the living room causing me to jump onto a chair, screaming and grabbing maggie before she terrorized it, or even worse, destroyed it like her little stuffed toys. she has no mercy, people. that would’ve been a messy situation. so, all in all…he’s eaten into a bag of croissants, munched on some raw beans? pooped everywhere (two nights in a row) and nearly given me a friggin heart-attack. tonight, we have hopefully blocked off where we think he’s getting in and if not…it’s off to buy some mouse traps. yep, death is his future unfortunately. i’ve already made scott agree that if that ends up being the route we have to take, he is going to have to dispose of the dead trapped little guy. can’t do it.

here’s to hoping that tonight we have no mouse visitors. stay away algernon!

One thought on “algernon?

  1. Yikes! Good luck with that! We’ve been getting spiders recently and I’ve been complaining. I’ll probably still complain, but in the back of my mind somewhere I’ll be thankful I haven’t seen a mouse… yet.

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