everything in miniature form is cuter isn’t it? mini chocolate chips, ipod mini, mini ice cream sandwiches and mini apple pies!

i went to costco yesterday and got some much needed groceries and while exiting the frigid fruit and veggie room you get dumped right into the fresh pastry and bread section. ironic huh? leave the healthy room and enter section of temptation and sugar coated in butter. thanks for that costco. so, upon entering the not-so-healthy section i came across a just baked, warm and cinnamon-y apple pie. this thing was bigger than my face and calling out my name. scott gently but unforgivingly yanked me away and we escaped, but i can still smell it and as of a couple hours still wanted it. until, i came across a recipe for mini apple pies.

let me tell you, these are easy, quick, and so delish. i loved them and they totally met my apple pie cravings. so try them for yourself and bring a little mini fall into your house!


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