i’m sick.

i feel like lorelai in the episode of gilmore girls where she talks up winter (or snow) for weeks and then when winter finally comes it causes all kinds of chaos and she ends up regretting ever wanting winter to come.

well i couldn’t wait for fall, and now fall has made me sick! how dare it!


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  1. So sad. And man, I haven’t watched Gilmore Girls in forever! I know I will feel like that too once this baby comes out. I am dying for cold weather, but when the extra 50 pounds are off I will be wanting warm weather. And cute picture… makes me really excited to see YOU!! Oh, and I got your text today… you WOKE me up. Thanks.

  2. oh Katie…..perhaps it’s allergies? There are fall things in the air and when you spend alot of time outdoors-there ya go! See….you were just on a retreat, right? Fall. Goldenrod…fall weeds….fall flowers.
    Sorry. Hope you feel better soon.

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