it’s the freakin weekend, baby imma bout to have me some fun.

it’s true. big plans this weekend people. it will involve cooking a second batch of some awesome soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (a post on that later), watching the game with some friends (not interested in game whatsoever, just interested in friends), exploring thomasville tomorrow with new friends, and going to a fall party! doesn’t that sound fun? it does to me!

update on algernon: still very much alive and making himself comfy and cozy in my kitchen whilst i sleep. gross. something about knowing he’s crawling around in there at night makes me cringe a little. we’ve set 4 traps, none of which he has fallen into. they even have peanut butter on them which is said to be the be all end all for mice but lo and behold he is uninterested in our peanut butter. he did take some croissant so maybe he’s just a foodie and has high standards? none the less, i want him dead. d-e-a-d dead. we really have no idea what to do now…a stake out? man made trap? exterminator? exterminator stake out? (that would be weird…) we’ll take any suggestions but so far, he’s ran away with a sticky trap, staying far away from snap traps and little door traps (don’t ask me) and does not like peanut butter but apparently does like the finer foods in life such as buttery flaky pastries? who is this guy?!? and more importantly WHERE is he coming from?? Scott has blocked where we know he was originally coming from and we’ve searched high and low for other possible holes and cannot find anything remotely big enough. so suggestions are welcome….


3 thoughts on “weekend.

  1. Do you have guttering on your house? If so check it. We had a mouse get in by chewing a hole by the gutter over our front porch…..I didn’t even think there was a way to get into the attic from there but there was. Caught that one by putting out those poison discs in the attic. Yep-he died up there. Boy was it stinky! Felton the exterminator was great at getting up there & disposing of him tho. You can’t put poison out where Maggie can get into it though.
    In 30 years we have had our share of the little critters. I reacted much the same as you did. Then again, lizards do that to me too.
    We have caught a few rats on our porch over the years with those sticky traps…the fact that yours ran off with one is scary! Oh, and once one got into the laundry area through the dryer vent. The previous homeowner did not have a cage over the opening so the little mouse helped himself to the dog food. So check your dryer vent. We never had any luck with the door-type traps. Usually the snap traps are good. They have to be set up perpendicular to the wall (mice follow walls supposedly) Maybe your little gourmet likes cheap peanut butter-we caught ours with Jif every time. How about some peanut butter on a croissant? Good luck!

  2. I would honestly PAY to see your face as your see this little mouse. It’s all fun and games to hear about you having a mouse, but i would DIE if i had one!

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