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these are the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies i baked. notice this is not my picture. why? because they were gone before i had a chance to snap a photo of the delicious things. they are THAT good. it’s like muffin top meets cake meets chocolate. a deadly but delicious combo. you should DEFINITELY make them. right now i have pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the oven. i’m on a pumpkin cooking spree. sadly our publix isn’t displaying rows and rows of libby’s this year. i think there’s still a shortage from last year, but i grabbed the last two my publix had yesterday. i’m thinking of publix hopping this week and getting all the cans i can get my hands on. can you tell i’m serious about this? i LOVE pumpkin flavored things and i so pity the people who don’t. my gosh you’re missing out on something huge in life. since it’s only scott and i eating the bread i should be able to snap a picture, so i’ll be sure and do that!

i hope you’re all having a great weekend. it’s been a really great one for us. we got to go to thomasville yesterday with our friends Phyllis and Richard and it was really fun to go somewhere outside of tallahassee to explore. we ate lunch at a place called “Jonahs shrimp and grits” (thanks, teri!) and it was awesome! it’s mostly seafood and a burger or two, but the small menu highlights tons of different flavors. each of us got something different and we all loved what we ate. my shrimp and grits were super tasty and i know scott loved his burger. it was nestled right in the middle of downtown so we hopped in and out of little mom and pop shops, a book store, some antique stores and some outdoor stores so the men could keep their sanity. when my mom, aunt nancy, sarah and alyssa come we’re going to have to take a trip up there again! i really enjoyed it đŸ™‚

last night we watched the football game with a bunch of our students which is good for me because i do not watch football. i do know we won and the gators lost and that is good for a seminole fan!

tonight we are going to a fall party at some of our students apartments. fall treats, a fall-ish movie, and cider! nothing is better! so all in all it’s been a great weekend and i’m hoping that the weather cools off again. i hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend too!


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  1. I’m pretty sure I’m a foodie like your mouse and am going to need some of those pumpkin cookies. I love love love pumpkin things too! That’s why we always get along!

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