girls night out.

a great event we’ve done here at fsu is something called Girls Night Out with Marian Jordan. Marian is the founder of redeemed girl ministries and she’s an author and speaker and has traveled all over the US and overseas. She shares her story of how her goal in life used to be to get the attention of guys, drink and party and achieve the approval of as many people as possible, only to find out she was more empty and alone than before. this is what her website says about her:

“Marian’s powerful testimony of coming to brokenness and emptiness and her dynamic account of the gentle mercy and forceful grace of Christ who called her into his arms permeate all of her writings and speaking engagements. Whole in Christ and ready to tell any ear that will listen, Marian has a passion for young women who flock to the parade of emptiness.”

we just had her speak tonight at FSU and it was really awesome. so many girls had the opportunity to hear the gospel in a way that relates to them uniquely while they are in college experiencing all the things that Marian shares about in her story of how she came to know Christ. She expresses the pain and loneliness before Christ and then gets to share the complete joy and love she now lives in everyday as a follower of him. it was wonderful!

check out this VIDEO that explains even more! you’ll want to watch 🙂

here are so re-cap pictures from the night!








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