pumpkin patch.

today we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our favorite pumpkins to bring home to carve. (that will be revealed later!) the weather was perfect and it was fun to walk around with maggie this year. she loves being taken to new places so she was going nuts over all the the “ball” like things on the ground. she thought the little ones were hers to pick up and play with. “uh no no” (was repeated quite a bit). it was really fun and we picked the perfect pumpkin which will have “spookyville” carved in it by the end of the night and we’ll put it on our doorstep!

we also made a homemade pumpkin pie and it’s cooling off right now. i can’t wait to top it with some homemade whip cream and eating away. did you know you have to let it cool for 2 hours? who has that kind of self control?

here are some pictures to recap our pumpkin patch adventures! it’s only fitting that we take “that” family photo with the dog 🙂

right not the harvest home candle is burning, we are carving pumpkins and about to slice into that pie. it’s been a pretty perfect day.

also, happy 3rd birthday to this little guy. we love you jackson and we can’t believe you’re 3! i remember seeing you rolling around in mama’s belly and now you’re a big boy that plays with swords. i hope 3 is the best year ever. how fitting that this picture was taken last year at the pumpkin patch right before you turned 2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY J BEAR!

love, tott and tatie.


One thought on “pumpkin patch.

  1. jbear says thank you so much! and we miss you and we need to come visit you! and also, mom eats WAY too much pumpkin bread when you guys arent around to share it with!

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