real simple.

look what came in my mailbox today!

i love this magazine and look what’s on the cover…pumpkins!!

here are a few thoughts i’ve had today:

1. if you live in northern florida (and probably lots of other places) you know what a great weekend of weather we had. it was perfect.

2. i’ve felt sick the last few weeks and i don’t know if it’s a food thing or what but i’m tired of being fatigued and sick 😦

3. our pumpkins turned out awesome and i need to update pictures of it for you to see them.

4. this weekend we are going to tennessee and i want to try a little cafe called marche.

5. did i tell you we are going to chicago in november? well we are and i can’t wait! we get to spend time with my friend Ashley. we met in high school and have been bf’s since. she will have just had her second little nugget (that means baby) and i’ll finally get to meet her oldest, zoey. woohoo!

6. also my mom, sister, aunt nancy and alyssa are coming to tallahassee the first weekend in november. i’m sure we’ll do some wedding things, antique shopping and just having a grand ole time.

i have lots to look forward to.

i hope you’ve had a great monday.


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