it’s not about what i do.

this is a little long, but worth it!

i feel like my job has days similar to someone having mood swings. sometimes days can be mediocre and normal and other days something really exciting and life change happens. i know each day is significant in its own way and nothing major has to happen in order for me to know God is working, but sometimes he chooses to really show off and today was one of those days.

a few posts ago i wrote about the women’s event called girls night out. at the end of the event we gave girls a chance to fill out a card that had a couple different things they could check off if applicable. one was simply if anyone had questions and would like to get together with someone. melissa, a junior who came with a friend checked that she was interested in having some of her questions answered. on monday i texted her to see if we could get together but got no response (pretty normal.) i texted her again this morning before adrienne and i drove to campus to see if we could follow up with her during our time on campus today and she was responded with “sure, i’d love to chat šŸ™‚ i have no religious background at all and have some questions i’d love to get answered.” GREAT. i love a clean slate.

we got to campus and met at the fountain in the middle of landis green amongst hundreds of other students and got to talking about her story. her mom is jewish and her dad is catholic but because the two were always in conflict they chose to never go to church or even really talk about it. at girls night out melissa noticed that Marian (the main speaker) prayed “in the name of Jesus.” she said “i’ve always thought to pray to God, but who is Jesus?” WHO IS JESUS, she asked. when i said clean slate, i meant CLEAN SLATE. she didn’t know what Easter or Christmas was for, she didn’t know what sin was and she didn’t know that Christ died on the cross for her.

She read aloud “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes shall not perish but have everlasting life.” I asked her if she had ever heard that verse before…”no, i’ve never heard that. it’s hard not to get emotional when i hear these words. i never knew that God loved me the way this verse says he does.”

Tears came to my eyes for a couple of different reasons. it’s not often that i stop and think of the meaning behind these words. if i were the only person on this earth God would have still sent Jesus to die for me, and because i accept that truth i am confident that i am spending eternity with him when i die. also, my heart ached that melissa had never heard this truth. how could it be that she didn’t know who Jesus was?

she read aloud Ephesians 2:8-9 “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, it is the gift of God, not by works so that no man can boast.” again, she’d never heard that you don’t have to have life perfect before approaching Christ and that no one is perfect but it’s by God’s grace that he sees Christ’s righteousness when he looks at us and not our sin. She couldn’t wrap her mind around that (which, quite frankly i can’t sometimes either.) at the end we asked her if she was ready to make that choice. to surrender her life to Christ and begin a lifelong journey with him and she said she was almost there but needed to seek some more but was REALLY close. we had to reiterate a couple things but to talk to someone who didn’t know much at all was so exciting and watching things to come to life and make sense was such a privilege. we plan on meeting up again and studying the bible more so that she can understand more of who Jesus is but she was so excited about everything!

at the end we prayed for her and she prayed for herself. not these exact words but something close “God, thank you for hearing me. thank you for letting me meet katie and adrienne today so they could help me learn more. i just want you to know that i am seeking you and i want to be closer to you, that’s my goal. thank you for sending jesus for me. amen.”

God is pursuing his people, including Melissa. Grace is for her and it’s for me and it’s necessary everyday. today i realized even more how grateful i am for the gift of eternal life and that nothing i’ve done or ever will do can make God love me less or separate me from him.

i love my job and i’m thankful i get to see God change lives.


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