winter woes.

not really. i’m enjoying this winter weather. sorry about these intermittent posts faithful readers. this is our first full week home since December 15th and we’ve been here there and everywhere, literally. Atlanta, Dallas, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, you name it.

Here’s a quick recap:

Home for Christmas. Super fun!

Atlanta Christmas Conference-Really fun week…Scott even Emcee’d it which was so fun to see.

Back to Tally for a few days.

Off to the big state of Texas for Summer Project Directors Training.

Where are we going? Salerno, Italy. Boo-ya.

Home to Tallahassee. Still catching up on sleep and reorganizing and cleaning.

That’s the readers digest version. It’s been a whirlwind but a great few weeks. We’ve had so much fun with staff friends at conferences and then learning more about how to lead our summer project, post project travels (more on that in a sec) and getting the semester started. I’m exhausted, ha.

So yes, post project travels…as staff you’re encouraged to hang after the project leaves and spend some time on vacation. So, Scott and I are going to do just that. We have a few places we are going to explore while we’re in Europe and I can’t wait. Some places on our list include, Greece-Prague-Paris-Lucerne-Vienna-and Ireland. Yep. You want to come don’t you? We’re pretty dang excited.

Also, on a totally different note. If you haven’t seen The King’s Speech I demand you see this film. It’s excellent. You will love it. (i hope)

ok, i think i’m back for good now. i just gotta make this thing interesting.

i’ll leave you with a picture of scott on stage at ACC..

quoting something important obviously. what a cutie.

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