listen, don’t judge me. that’s 4 pounds of butter right there.

we were at coscto, it’s cheaper and more cost efficient to buy in large quantities of this.

we don’t even use butter that much, but at least i’ll have it now if i need it.

like today, i’m making oatmeal wheat sandwich bread and i need some butta so voila.

….is anyone out there watching this season of the bachelor? is it not one huge giant emotional fake train wreck? how does your psychologist, on national television i’ll albeit you,  think its ok to suggest that making out with every girl but not to worry about the outcome is a grand idea? fired. moron. this is one of those shows that i compare to a bad accident or squished roadkill. it’s so gross and everything inside of you is screaming to look away but you just can’t help yourself. you have to look. and you do. and then you ask yourself? how did that benefit me in any way whatsoever? (especially the roadkill one) it just doesn’t, plain and simple. it’s like jersey shore. how does those crazies make millions off that show?i’ll never understand. so many people watch but it contributes absolutely nothing to society. nothing. barbara walters would disagree but what does she know? she is like a thousand years old.

butter and the bachelor. maybe i should reconsider what i contribute to society cause those two things aren’t anything important haha.



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