recently i’ve been trying to eliminate as many excess processed sugars as possible from what i eat. i’ll tell you that i love splenda and i love diet dr.pepper but i know that they aren’t good for me, at all. when i go to open a pack of splenda or order a DDP, i immediately feel like it’s like the angel and the devil are on each shoulder battling it out. needless to say i never feel good when i drink a soda or when i add splenda to coffee. today and i read this blog post and it helped me feel like there is hope! i can use natural sweeteners and get used to them. it’s not about what i “can’t have” but rather what is best for my body in the long run. i can tell that these last couple of weeks my body has been going through a “detox.” i had headaches, i was tired and i knew i was missing something. i think i’m through the woods though. it feels good to sort of purge the junk from my body.

so, maybe you love splenda or some diet soda too. i know it’s tough to say bye to them, but it’s worth it.

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