slicer plus!

ok i’m all about kitchen gadgets and funky things that help cooking to be a more efficient and fun thing! For Christmas my Mom got Scott and I this nifty little thing called a “Slicer Plus.” At first I thought, aw how nice, this will be cool to have (not really knowing what it was.) Mom was SO excited about this gift and was sure I’d love it. I do now, but when I opened it I just thought my mom was easily excitable. So she goes on to tell me that you can’t get them anywhere in the US but only in Canada! If you don’t know me I’m a halfsie and much of family still lives in Canada. So my Nana and Aunt had one and Mom HAD to have it. So she got family in Canada to ship them to her. 6 of them. She gave them as gifts to lots of friends and family. So, what is this slicer plus you ask? Well it’s a handheld knife/cutting board combo. Sounds weird, but it works and it’s awesome. I cut all kinds of things with it and it’s so fast! I wish I could tell you to go buy one at your local BB&B but I cannot. They are not here yet 😦 I’m realizing this may just be a tantalizing mean post and I’m just dangling in front of you what you can’t have. Just come to my house and use it for yourself!


do you see all of those perfectly cut carrots there? slicer plus baby!


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