wasting away…

again in margaritaville. i’ve been singing this song pretty loudly around the house this morning dreaming of being on a cruise and sailing away to an island where i can lay out in the sun all day and burn. who wants to come with me?

guess what i got yesterday? an emersion blender! my black and decker food processor BIT THE DUST. major. it was leaking and spilling chicken broth all over my counter and floor and i couldn’t have it anymore. i was putting the processor in my sink so that it wouldn’t spill everywhere. that’s not fun. i tried taking it back to bed bath and beyond but turns out it wasn’t from there. i think it may have been from target and we know how target is with returns. i’d rather watch paint dry than deal with returning something to that place. you feel me?

next month we are going to new york city. 3rd times a charm! we’re hoping for warmer weather, but it’s not looking promising. also, did you know we get to spend another summer in italy? well, we do! 6 weeks in salerno and a couple weeks after we are going to travel around europe and see all we can see! we’re really excited!

the sun just came out. thank goodness, i can only handle rain for a couple days before i am legit sad.

also, with valentines day around the corner i find myself really liking this print. simple yet to the point πŸ˜‰


have a lovely tuesday.


6 thoughts on “wasting away…

  1. let’s all go on a cruise!! or we should all invest in a beach house somewhere πŸ™‚ (that would seriously be amazing if we could).

    i’m so excited you got an emersion blender! that’s so fun! also, that’s a beautiful print. where did you find it?

  2. yeah, i’d love to plan a cruise! i can’t believe i’m saying that considering my only experience was horrid. but we can go on a nicer one!
    maybe in July? i know that’s far, but we’ll have free time then! this could be great!

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