i’m trying to figure out how to spruce this lil blog up. i don’t know the ins and outs of computers so i can get easily overwhelmed at all the CSS crapola.

if you have any suggestions, i’ll take em. i have reconsidered switching back to good ole blogger but that seems like a lot. if you have any helpful hints, i’d love to hear!

do you ever feel like the blog world sucks you into a black hole of discouragement? i find myself comparing or wishing and hoping i had something that someone else has. granted, there is so much inspiration and talent to learn from and so many beautiful things are available to create and re-design as your own but goodness i can feel so inadequate at times. i want or i need has become a staple statement for me lately and its just not true. i don’t need anything and i should be content with what i can do. do you find yourself in this predicament or is it just me?

i find i gravitate towards women who are honest about what’s really behind their cameras (mess, depression, hard marriages, sick kids, etc) and who are doing great at what God has given them. i’m encouraged, and feel that i too as a parent one day, can expose the gritty-ness of life. it brings glory to God when his restoration is on display in peoples lives.

i am not sure how to practically go about setting boundaries as i continue to read blogs, but i think it can start by being content.


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  1. I know the feeling…I had to get rid of blogs. I now limit myself to people I know personally and one Christian women/living blog. I was seriously hating on myself and it was just depressing. It’s hard…sometimes I cave…but I’m liking it more this way!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I always feel super un-talented (is that a word?) when I read other people’s blogs. And definitely find myself comparing, especially when someone else goes on an awesome vacation or buys a car or whatever. But I like what you said, I can start by being content. Well said Katie!

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