i saw this hairstyle-do on A CUP OF JO today and i just love it! it’s so simple to do (or so they say) and it’s sorta casual elegant…is that possible? anyway, i think i shall try this tomorrow. i’ll let you know if it’s as easy to do as they say it is.

well this weekend we are heading off to new york city. i say that so non-chalantly like i live this glamorous life. i don’t really. it’s just that i have this awesome job that lends me to travel lots of places. so to new york we go. scott’s never been and i really enjoy being around people who are experiencing new things and new places. so i know he’ll be like a kid in a candy store. it should be lots of fun, lots of pain in the feet, and lots of good eatin’. our first night there we’re going to Bobs, a dance club (not the scandelously clad kind) with our friend Michelle who will be celebrating her birthday 80’s dance party style! Should be really fun! Don’t worry, I’ll document this.

i hope everyone’s weekend is relaxing and full of sun!



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