post ny.

we are back in tallahassee after a week in nyc. i would love to say it was the best week ever (and in a lot of ways it was) i can’t fully say this. the morning after arrival i became deathly ill. the whole week i felt like someone had beaten me with a bat and left me for dead. yes, it’s true. such a damper, but i tried to push through as much as i could. i took enough ibuprofen to sustain a small village and so much cold medicine that more often than not i was walking around like a half asleep zombie.

but we did get to see and do and eat so many things. scott loved it and i loved it with him. i felt like i let my guard down more this time, i was more comfortable, i figured out the train system (which i now really love) and i just really enjoyed it more fully this time.

the city has so much to offer and there is so much diversity that i feel like on any given night/day you could do almost anything you want! our trip was basically centered around meal times. the direction we took was solely based on what restaurants were nearby that area. we ate and ate and ate. everything was so delicious and unique. i’ll do a full recap on the restaurants but i just wanted to peek in and say hello.

i feel like i’m still recovering from lack of sleep and muscle soreness from coughing, but i’ll be back with pictures! happy monday 🙂



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