oh absence

it makes the heart grow fonder right? gosh, sometimes i just can’t make myself sit down and update this thing. mostly because of a lack of new things to talk about or no pictures because who likes a blog post without pictures? i sure don’t! i thought i’d put some pics up of nyc…finally right? not that you were all waiting with bated breath…

freemans! thanks kathleen! a little hidden restaurant that was probably our favorite meal!

think coffee. spanish latte..yuuuum.

gourmet ramen…fun atmosphere!

the chocolate room, mhmm a whole room of chocolate.

levain bakery! best cookies!

um, if you go to NY make it a priority to indulge in a doughnut. i can’t tell you in words how delicious these are!

awesome coffee near NYU.

so, can you see that our trip was centered around food? there’s so much more that i didn’t even take a picture of. my favorite dessert was the dessert truck in st.marks square. two friends who went to culinary school in france came back to new york and started this dessert truck with awesome desserts. i had the brioche stuffed with nutella. i was in a food choma. we went to THINK coffee a few times. they have a menu with lots of fun lattes and great food and just a relaxed atmosphere. their spanish latte is awesome! we also hit up the ever famous shake shack and got burgers and shakes. what i’d do for that meal right now…

we went to peanut butter co. and i had a grilled pb and banana and honey sandwich. scott had a pb and white chocolate! we had the best pizza at grimaldis in brooklyn right under the brooklyn bridge and saw the skyline lit up at night. we also went to sweet revenge, a wine pairing and cupcake shop. it was fun! i split a red velvet cupcake with a raspberry champagne. mmm. we had italian at Barbarini Alimentari in south sea port. Cannolis in little italy at Ferreras!

so like i said, all in all i ate a lot. it was really fun and we were exhausted by the end! i really did see more of ny than i ever have. we explored more of brooklyn, williamsburg and the west village. it was fun to feel like i had more time to really enjoy it all. i left feeling like i could even live there! gasp!

i hope you enjoyed the recap. are you hungry now? i am haha.



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