well, it’s official. i’m in my mid twenties. yuck. i guess saying 25 is less downhill sounding.

i can’t believe i’m 25 years old. i feel like i just had my 21st birthday. i am definitely now into my twenties and quickly on my way to 30. i hope time slows down. on the up and up, my family came in town to celebrate with Scott and I and it was really fun to have them here. i always love having them here, but it’s even more special when it’s for a celebration! we went to koolz beanz for dinner and it was delish, as always. after dinner, scott had people waiting for us at chez pierre (just a short walk away) and we had cupcakes from lucy and leo’s and coffee and just enjoyed hanging out on their deck outside. it was a perfect evening! scott knows how to make me feel special and loved!

so far, 25 is turning out to be great. also, i’ve taken up spinning. have you done it before? it’s kind of addicting. i’ve done it everyday since last tuesday and it gets your energy up like nothing else i’ve tried! you should try it if you haven’t.

how was your weekend? hopefully great.


**shout out to my mother-in-law…today is her birthday! we love you!**


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