well, we are back in tallahassee after a few short trips here and there. life is always go go go! i went to a women’s retreat in destin with all the staff women in the southeast region. It’s always so fun to be with friends you don’t get to see very often. I also spent time in Jacksonville before that and got to see my friend Ashley! Twice in a year is a record considering prior to last november it had been 4 years. What the? Let’s not do that again, ok Ash? She’s one of those friends that I just laugh with and now I get to love on her kiddos! She’s a great Mom 🙂

So Destin, then our FSU staff team planned in Seaside just a few miles from Destin, and that was super fun. Our team has grown a lot and it was a fun bonding trip, plus who doesn’t love to spend time at the beach?

Next week is going to be the week from bleeeeep. 🙂 Not really, it’s just going to be crazzzzy. By Tuesday of next week we have to get all of our house organized, pack for 8 weeks (no biggie) and clean! Then, it’s the wedding festivities in Jacksonville. Yeesh. Then to end the week with a bang we go to Italy and lead a project for 26 students. Ahh, I chuckle as I write all of this.

Deep breath.

I look forward to keeping this thing (hopefully) updated as we are in Italy! After Italy we go to Paris (yes!), London and Dublin!! We’re going to strap our backpacks on, pack light, walk a lot and eat eat eat!

bring it.


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