3 years.

 that should say 6 years. 3 years doesn’t fully encompass our marriage. so much of our dating life prepared us so well for marriage. life these past three years with you has been easy, comfortable, normal. transitioning from dating to marriage was a piece of cake. remember when you asked me to pray about dating? sitting on the beach that day, getting giddy over the thought of taking things from just friends, to bf/gf. (how middle school of us) i remember our first kiss on summer project (oops) and the first hand holding action. the first time you told me that you loved me. i was so afraid and you knew i needed to know that, to really know that you loved me. now look at us, three years later and i love you more than i did the day we yes, this is it, to each other.

i’m so thankful that you married me. that you chose me, because you didn’t have to. it was a choice, one that cost you your comfort, your agenda, your own desires. i could spend days and days writing about all of your wonderful qualities. some days are still hard, sometimes i don’t like you all that much, and i know you feel the same. even on the hard days though, i know your love for me outweighs any rude comment i make, any selfish action, a raised voice or that look i can give you at times (ok, a lot.) 

thank you for being all grace to me, all the time. for being so reliable. for being the steady constant that the Lord knew i would so need. thank you for loving me so well in and through all of my good days, my bad days, my sadness, my excitement and joy, the long stretches of anxiety and worry and even the days that aren’t so great. you never bring me down, only up. you are for me, exactly what i need and always will need. I’m so thankful that God brought us together, that he designed marriage just so, and that he made you just for me. sometimes i just feel so unworthy to be yours. i love you so very much and i look forward to the adventure ahead of us. happy anniversary! 

love, me


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