mi dispiaci

that’s im sorry in italian. i’ve said that more in the last few days than anything else, for obvious reasons. my terrible italian, my lack of knowing what door to enter and exit through, how to ask for more aqua naturale, etc etc. sometimes they look at you like you big dumb american, what are you doing here? other times they giggle because they think we are funny. i like the giggles.

italians really are the most warm and kind people. they have big personalities and really love life. relationships, quality time, story telling, emotions are so easily spotted here. yelling is a common thing. it’s not because they are angry it’s because they have so much emotion! today, our bus driver yelled at his friend, stopped our bus (a city bus that is) and waited until his friend walked over so they could have a quick chat and be on his way. a bus driver in america would get fined for that.

so far, i’ve eaten gelato every night. my favorite is gianduotto and it’s chocolate with nutella in it. mhm. i can’t describe it’s deliciousness. i’ve also had pizza everyday, obviously. spicy salami, mozzarella di bufula, basil mmm!

tomorrow we venture to the amalfi coast. we take a ferry just around the river bend and we get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. i feel so lucky that this will be my second time to see it.

you should really come visit italy. you will love it.

i will share more another time. ciao tutti.


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