ok in my defense i have tried updating this thing several times but the internet was out for a little while, plus the connection isn’t super fast and waiting for one photo to upload was taking 4 hours and that’s enough to make someone want to pull every piece of hair out of their head. So I’ve neglected this little blog for lack of time 🙂 But! today it so happened to work and it let me put pictures up!

this is from our weekend trip a couple weeks ago to the Amalfi Coast. It’s a town about a half an hour away by ferry and one of those most beautiful places i’ve ever been to. on top of amalfi is ravello gardens which is said to be the most beautiful view in the country! it really was and my eyes couldn’t even really comprehend all that i was looking at. the pictures really don’t do it justice.

so far italy has been wonderful. italians are so warm and fun to be around and we have loved being on campus and talking to students. being somewhere for more than week is so great. i really feel like we live in italy. we know the bus system, we know our favorite restaurants and our waiters know us, we have our laundry done, we walk to our grocery store, etc. being immersed in the culture is so great for us.

while it’s been great, more often than not i’m super exhausted but fulfilled all at the same time. God is moving in hearts of Italians even if it’s a slow process. handing over the responsibility of salvation to him is a daily battle and taking the pressure off of myself is just as hard. he’s been faithful to show himself to us these past few weeks through a number of different conversations and things we’ve experienced.

1 thessalonians 5:24- he who has called you is faithful, and he will do it.

mi amore italia!



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