the story.

i want to make sure i keep a good record of the memories we make as little peanut grows. besides being sick, i’ve really loved being pregnant. the anticipation of each appointment, reading up on what to expect, the excitement from family and friends and the changes that take place. they’re all so different than anything i’ve experienced before, and it makes me thankful that i’m able to go through it.

we found out on july 8th that we were indeed expecting this little nugget. i had an inkling that i was pregnant but because i had been traveling with a friend who also had a stomach bug, i thought she passed it along to me. it lasted several days though, and my sense of smell was heightened to levels i didn’t know existed and i was so so tired. usually scott is pretty skeptical when i list off a bunch of symptoms but this time he even suggested i take a test. i wasn’t thrilled over the idea because i had taken a few in the past and after seeing negative over and over it can be disappointing. so we went to the dollar store (yes hello, $1 and they work) and i grabbed a couple. i tossed around the idea of waiting a couple of days before taking it, but before i went to bed i laid it by the bedroom door so that i could take it when i woke up. we had only been home from europe for a couple of days by then, so my sleep schedule was very off. i woke up at 5:45 the next morning and decided to take the test. i quickly prayed a short prayer asking the Lord to protect my heart if it was negative and that i would trust his timing. i feel like it was pretty authentic, surprisingly ha! so i took the test and immediately two lines came up. in that moment, i was overwhelmed with excitement, unbelief, shock, joy…and probably tons of other emotions. i went back into the bedroom to wake up scott. talk about an interruption to the rem cycle. he was more than half asleep and i said “babe, i took the test and it was positive. i’m pregnant!” … “reallllly…groggy voice inserted.”

needless to say, it took him a good few minutes to wake up and get on my level of excitement but he did. we prayed together and went out to breakfast to celebrate. it was really perfect.

once we got back to tallahassee, i went to the obgyn and had my first dr. appointment. they give you so much information about what to do and what not do (those are the scary handouts!) i had my first ultrasound and we got to the see the little tiny baby. i could hardly make out much more than it’s head, but we did get to see the heartbeat racing. it was really amazing to see. you never know what it really feels like to go through all of this until you’re in it, but it is really exciting and so much fun to experience.

after a month, my next “10” week appointment was coming up. i was excited to see how much the baby developed and it had more than doubled in size! long arms, legs and bouncing around in it’s little bubble. it was kicking and waving it’s hands! the dr. was even surprised and said, you know i would say this is more like a 14 week old baby, definitely not a 10 week. she measured the head and sure enough, i was actually 14 weeks! i had skipped a whole month and it felt like i had won the lottery. i could actually be closer to not being sick? maybe i’ll like food again soon? it was the best news!

so here we are, around 15 weeks and baby perdue is growing and still making me sick, but not as bad. i can’t wait to know in a couple of weeks what we’re having! admittedly, i’ve already bought a few girl things. i don’t know if it’s because i’m a girl but i feel like that’s what it is going to be. obviously i have no clue, but it’s like instinct when i knew i was pregnant, but didn’t really know…i feel like it’s a girl, but that could just be what i want. either way it’ll be great, but i sure would like to see the little striped leggings i bought on some fat little legs.

i need to start taking pictures of my stomach. it’s definitely popped some. i was going to start at 12 weeks, but since i skipped a month, i am already behind. well, thank you for reading all of this!


One thought on “the story.

  1. yippee this is so exciting! congrats to both of you and enjoy being pregnant it is so much fun and the end little miracle is so worth the wait! cant’ wait to hear if it is boy or girl.

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