i have really enjoyed looking at nurseries and taking mental notes of some ideas and fun things to do. pinterest has been super helpful in giving me the space to pin everything in one location. i don’t have to worry about forgetting photos and trying to retrace my steps, it’s great! these are a few of my favorite ones that i’ve found online so far. they are pretty different, but i like certain things about each of them. i’m not into the really “pattern” heavy nurseries. the walls don’t need to match the bumper, the carpet, the sheets, the pictures on the wall, etc. that’s too much in my opinion. i like a little bit of sophistication thrown in. something that the baby can grow with.
i like funky, and colorful but i also like long lasting pieces that make the room simple. i want the eye to see the special things in the room, not a million different things at once. i’m sure once i find out what we are having my pinterest photos will show more gender specific themes, but until then…

we only have a little over two weeks until the big day. this baby will be a she or a him and i can’t wait. i know that knowing the gender is going to bring this pregnancy to a whole new level of reality. all ready i feel like i’m finally showing a little bit and getting out of the nausea fatigue stage which is so nice. i’m not full of energy just yet, but i’m not laid up on the couch anymore either. although, publix trips really take it out of me. i feel like an old woman. i grab my groceries and i need a nap. i have to pull up the bar stool when i’m in the kitchen making dinner. i blow dry my hair sitting on the toilet. standing for too long just wears me out. kind of pathetic!

it’s amazing what your body experiences when you are growing a little life. it’s taxing but definitely worth it. 

i am so thankful that it’ll be cold when i’m in my biggest months. it is so unbelievably hot here right now. i feel like my insides are cooking if i stand outside more than 2 minutes. i can’t wait for the fall weather to roll into tallahassee and the crisp cool air. fewer things make me happier than the seasons changing and fall is my favorite. baking all things pumpkin, making soups for dinner, leaving doors open and taking long walks and not overheating. oh glory! please come soon! 


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  1. sorry I haven’t been keeping up here. Love the nursery pictures! Gives me a better idea when looking at fabric sites & JoAnn’s. We have work to do girl! Gonna have to get a tune-up on the sewing machine!

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