ridin’ dirty.


i am totally amazed in the ways that God provides. 

this is a bugaboo stroller, and if you’re not familiar (like me, up until 2 months ago), they are the bmw of the stroller world.

this baby rides so smooth, gets around corners like a champ and is just plain pleasing to the eye.

well, this little boo boo was on craigslist in tallahassee so i emailed the owner and she said i could go by and look at it.

the price was semi-high, not bad for this brand, but who doesn’t like to get a better deal? i asked her if the price was firm cause we have tons of stuff to buy and we work with CCC and have to be wise about where we buy the big ticket items.

well, she wrote back and said how much she loved Crusade and said if i like the stroller i can just take it home with me. consider it a donation she said. 

wow. who does that? a lovely lady whom i have yet to meet. i was blown away by her generosity. these things retail upwards of $800. 

i feel so lucky. it’s in my living room which is so strange. i have a stroller and it’s not someone else’s or for maggie! it’s for my little peanut. 

peanut, you’re gonna be a stylish kid in this bugaboo. 




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