some of the things i’m realizing as i get further into this pregnancy are as follows:

1. february is not that far away. we’re into the 2nd week of september already!
2. i have zilch energy for zilch.
3. i’m not going to have this body ever again. pregnancy changes all of it!
4. this baby needs a lot of stuff.
5. i am going to be tired when the baby comes, but i’m so ready.
6. scott is the best partner to do this with.
7. i worry about every.little.thing.
8. knowing that it’s a boy or a girl is going to make this so real.
9. i really love dr. pepper and i need to go to rehab.
10. i like pushing strollers. now i just need a round, chunkster to put in it.

so far, not a ton of change. still not feeling 100%. actually i’ve been feeling better, minus the past two days. of course the days my parents come into town. but it doesn’t slow me down like it used to. i’m so thankful that i’m not in the throw up everything phase anymore. all i want to do now is eat fuji apples and take naps. nothing wrong with that. my bed and i have a close relationship. we understand each other.
september 15 is just around the corner. we will know if little peanut is a boy or a girl. i’ll have to figure out a way to celebrate. friends will be in town for the weekend so i’ll get to have some girl/shopping/registering time which is great.
so anyway, so far so good. i’m growing slowly but surely. i’m thankful to have little peanut and all i need is a red bull.


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