i can’t believe on thursday we will know (fingers crossed!) what this baby is! time is just ticking by and i want it to speed up! i can’t wait to know if i can put bows on her or sneaks on him. we have some friends coming in town this weekend so we are toying with the idea of doing a mini “gender reveal” party. not anything huge, maybe some sort of dessert that indicates the gender or something fun. simple but fun. i’ve seen a lot of things floating around the interweb about these parties. i’m telling you what, people will throw a party for anything these days. who ever thought of a gender reveal party? just an excuse to eat some cake i think. not a bad thing 🙂 

these are pretty simple dessert ideas that we can use to tell everyone! it’s a fun way to share the surprise and you get to eat dessert! either way, i’m just excited to finally know. i’m almost halfway through my pregnancy which is wild. time is definitely flying by right now. i’m sure around month 8 it’ll slow way down and i’ll want the baby out. until then, i’ll enjoy where i’m at. 


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